Understanding the Calasanz System

The Calasanz System uniquely integrates essential martial arts disciplines within a contemporary physical development program that challenges and nurtures mind, body and spirit. Students first achieve a black belt in the Calasanz System in order to establish a good foundation and a keen understanding of the threads that connect all martial arts. Once this integrative program has been completed, students often segue into specific disciplines which intrigue them and focus on mastering their subtleties.


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The Calasanz System

THE CALASANZ SYSTEM™ blends the best parts of these disciplines into a unified whole. You can try all of them or concentrate on one that is most appealing to you. Again, the choice is yours. There is so much in this system to choose from.

For instance, if you are interested in fitness, you may want to focus on Aerobic Isolation & Isometric. If you’d like to experience the boxer’s workout without having to get into a ring to fight, American Boxing may be for you. This program includes the exercises boxers use to burn calories, work different muscle groups, and is an excellent cardiovascular workout.

If you’re a competitive boxer or MMA competitor you may choose to do some of the Aerobic Isolation & Isometric exercises to improve your muscle endurance, cardio, strength, flexibility, and speed.

If you’re looking for practical self-defense, Street Survival may be for you. If you have a black belt in karate, you may choose to round out your training with a softer style like Wing Chun Kung Fu or learn the strong grounding techniques of Chinese Boxing. If you’re looking to get into great physical shape, American Kickboxing may be for you.

Whether it’s THE CALASANZ SYSTEM™ as a whole or one of its components, you’ll never be bored! Let Calasanz and his Certified Personal Trainers create the program that’s right for you.

The Legend

Renowned as a hero in his native Dominican Republic, Calasanz firmly believes we all have the power to transform our lives, if we’re willing to commit ourselves to the process.

“The integration of mind, body and spirit does not come from throwing yourself into grueling training sessions that cause burnout. Rather, it develops over time, as you patiently make your way through discipline, focus and determined work. I will teach you to reach deep inside yourself to master each new level. More patience and more inner strength are necessary to reach each successive goal. As you develop greater and greater martial arts maturity, instead of seeing a kick or a punch, you will see a way of life. You will become more patient in your work and home environment ... more self-confident ... you will develop the perseverance to achieve your highest goals in life. This is true transformation.”

Calasanz is a Martial Arts Master who has spent a lifetime studying and teaching Karate, Kung Fu and Kickboxing. He has combined not only his Martial Arts mastery, but his training in ballet, gymnastics, weight and fitness counseling, into an absolutely unique system that has the capacity to help you create the body you’ve always dreamed of possessing, while it trains your mind and spirit to excel.

Calasanz has, for twenty years, trained young and old, professional athletes and dancers, law enforcement officers and a host of individuals from all walks of life in the Way of the Serene Warrior ... a way that leads to fitness, focus, health, strength and longevity.

If you are interested in learning more about training with Calasanz you can visit:

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