Josh Vavala - Weston Boxing Club - Calasanz Connecticut

Welcome to Calasanz Physical Arts of Weston serving Weston, CT. Train in a one-on-one environment with a Calasanz Certified Personal Trainer. Learn American Boxing and fitness. The Calasanz physical conditioning system and Calasanz Martial Arts will help you to sculpt your body, lose weight, and build strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, discipline, and confidence. Please have a look at calasanz.com for a more detailed explanation and stop by anytime for a free fitness consultation.



Cliff Pratt - Calasanz Personal Trainer

Cliff Pratt has been 100% devoted to the study of martial arts. He has over 10 years of experience and he specializes in Boxing, kickboxing, strength conditioning, body toning and self-defense. He has trained under the direction of Calasanz, as well as Salim Hasen & Ted Lori. Cliff has experienced nothing but success in competition. In the early 1990's, fighting under the Calasanz System, he was offered a championship fight , after only two contests!


Calasanz.com - Karate Boxing and More

Calasanz Physical Arts, well known for its sophisticated martial arts training, has just launched two new locations in Stamford and Ridgefield in addition to the existing Norwalk Center and Wilton Studio. Furthermore, a new studio in the Broad River section of Norwalk is scheduled to open in June to serve New Canaan residents.

Calasanz Physical Arts of Wilton opened in August 2005 along Route 7 at 23 Danbury Road. The studio headed by Jeff Prescott, a Calasanz Certified Instructor, is devoted primarily for 1-on-1 personal training and small group lessons. Featured adult classes include Cardio Kickboxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Aerobic Isometrics and Calasanz’s own brand of Boxing. Children’s group lessons are also available. Contact the Wilton Studio at 203-761-0055 for more information.


Calasanz System - Street Survival

Calasanz’s dynamic system of self-defense known as Street Survival applies martial art techniques for use in the streets. The student gains skill and develops endurance as he progresses through the various defensive methods. Street Survival orients the student to practical responses to self-defense situations where a traditional or classical martial arts response would be impractical.

Calasanz has also developed Self Defense for Law Enforcement, which is specifically designed with the needs of law enforcement professionals in mind. In a non-competitive environment, Calasanz guides officers through a series of controlled techniques designed to develop, sharpen and maintain defensive skills. Law enforcement professionals are taught the essential tools unique to The Calasanz System, that can be instinctively activated when confronted with a threatening situation. Control by “oral means” is enhanced in a combination of multiple scenarios. Handcuffing techniques are also practiced.