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The Calasanz method of kickboxing integrates the use of knees, elbows, shins, hands and feet. It is the blocking system devised by Calasanz that has made The Calasanz System very effective in that it utilizes the use of the legs, arms and shins as simultaneous blocks and strikes. Calasanz Kickboxing places strong emphasis on head movement and protecting oneself from injury. Calasanz’s students are known for the destructive power in their shins and their ability to apply the blocking system as an impenetrable fortress against the opponent’s attack.
Rodney, one of Calasanz’s most accomplished fighters, attributes his skill to Calasanz’s blocking system. “I find that I don’t have to absorb as many kicks and punches because the system gives me the tools to deflect attacks without getting hurt.”

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Calasanz of Ridgefield Open House Sep.15

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Calasanz With Head Trainer Mario of the Ridgefield Calasanz

Please stop by and visit our 4,000 sq ft facility located at 139 Ethan Allen Highway (Rt. 7) in Ridgefield, CT. Train in a one-on-one environment with a Calasanz Certified Personal Trainer. Learn Boxing, Kickboxing, Goju-Ryu Karate, Wing Chun, self defense, and street survival. The Calasanz physical conditioning system and Calasanz Martial Arts will help you to sculpt your body, lose weight, and build strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, discipline, and confidence. Please have a look at calasanz.com for a more detailed explanation and stop by anytime for a free fitness consultation.

Calasanz Training Students in Street Survival

This course which also has a similarity to a single blow, the different is based on the complexity of the techniques. Sometimes we talk about street smart, probably you can talk someone out of a fight, probably you can subdue the assailant, could be that you took a gun and the assailant ran away, there are many others area in which this course emphasize on respect of the street. Here you learn many self-defense techniques, still you
learn single blows, but in such a way, your training again, is more complex,

For More Information Please Visit us at Calasanz.com and InterDojo.com

For More Information Please Visit us at Calasanz.com and InterDojo.com

All courses can last from one to 6 months given the equivalent to 144 hours of smart, intelligence training, having equivalent of a black belt skill in which you get your black belt certification, it is done just if you spend the complete 6 months, or you can do it just in one month.

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Calasanz Informational Post

If you’ve lived in Fairfield County, you’ve seen the commercials and are familiar with the Calasanz name. Even if you’ve never set foot in a martial arts school, you may know someone who trains there or has trained there in the past. You may even have been thinking about checking out the school for yourself. Many of you however may not be aware that Calasanz has been around since the early 80’s. You also may not know the history behind the man and the system that built one of the most successful martial arts businesses in the country.

A native of the Dominican Republic, Calasanz recalls his early martial arts instructors and classmates as being “brutal fighters.” “You have to understand,” says Calasanz, “that the men I trained with were from bad neighborhoods where fighting was vicious.” “You proved your manhood by being a brutal fighter.” In the 70’s, the martial art schools in the Dominican Republic were places were men engaged in “all out” battles. When you sparred, your opponent was out to kill you. No pads, no referee, no waivers of liability. It was just you and some monster.

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Calasanz took his first class, learned a handful of basic movements and went home. For three months, he perfected what he had learned with the goal of returning. On the day he went back, he fought with everyone. No one touched him. The basics he had mastered were quick, strong and simple. One of the black belts he had knocked out that day showed up at Calasanz home later that day to watch him train. It was Calasanz method of physical conditioning that took his karate to a new level. Calasanz continued his martial arts studies, as well as the conditioning regime that put him ahead of his classmates. Unbeknownst to him, he was also laying the foundation to what would later become The Calasanz System.

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Calasanz came to the United States in 1979, courtesy of the bank he was working for in Santo Domingo. While his employer wanted him to study English, he had other aspirations. He wanted to deepen his study of the martial arts and make a movie like his idol, Bruce Lee. His teaching career began slowly, as he familiarized himself with the American lifestyle. Word of mouth spread quickly. Calasanz students in the early 80’s consisted mostly of street fighters, law enforcement officers, bouncers, bodyguards and students from other styles.

In the 90’s, Calasanz began welcoming more families. Children’s classes grew. Men were looking for something more than the standard health club and women were getting into the picture with aerobic kickboxing. Fortunately, The Calasanz System is so flexible that it accommodated the needs of any potential student. Calasanz prides himself with being able to tailor his system to meet his students’ needs. While he still trains the fighters, boxers and law enforcement, Calasanz has been able to make his system accessible to anyone regardless of physical ability.

In addition to a successful martial arts school, Calasanz has also created an in-home training program called The Perfect Fit TM. The Perfect FitTM is a division of Calasanz Karate & Kung-Fu System, Inc. and offers personal training in the privacy of clients’ homes or at the Calasanz school. Through his experience, Calasanz discovered that martial arts can be intimidating to many people, therefore, they lose interest in learning more about it. The Perfect FitTM eliminates the feeling of intimidation, yet offers the complete benefits of the martial arts. Calasanz created a well-rounded system which offers, at the same time, extensive exercise routines tailored to the needs of any individual to accomplish and complete a work-out and, at the same time, target specific areas in need of exercise. This type of training is different from the traditional routines followed in a gym. The Perfect FitTM personal trainers do not use equipment except for free weights and, for some people, ankle weights. For those who prefer to use their own exercise equipment, personal trainers incorporate this equipment into the client’s exercise routine. Eventually, most people prefer to learn more and more of the exercises offered by The Perfect FitTM because they are incredibly effective and cover more ground than any one machine used in a traditional gym. These exercises quickly increase flexibility, strength, stamina, and endurance.

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Student Wesley Cullin

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