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We work by commitment, (more here) commit to 3 months or One Year of classes, upon completion you will have learned enough to not need another lesson.  You will have learned enough to keep you fit over the remainder of your lifetime to continue working and mastering.  Upon mastering these or becoming bored commit again for a period of time to learn something new, we have a wealth of techniques, practices, styles and information to draw from.

Studied Here Before?
Consider our Continued Support Programs -

As a Continued Supporter ($8.95 / month) we are happy to give you the opportunity to:
schedule and attend one semi-private class per month here at our

Already a member?
No Problem!  Augment your membership with Continued Supporter status
and we will grant you 24 hour access to the school.  Great if you can't sleep, like to work-out late or have a fluctuating schedule. 

With 24 hour access we are putting even more power into your hands to get fit, reach goals and create the body you want.

For the dedicated respectful.
Give back to the school.  Continued support funds are put directly towards building maintenance and school equipment.  Being in one of the most expensive, most well-rounded, most well equipped schools in the world we appreciate our sustaining members above all others as they are aware of the value of our programs and understand what it is that people get when they come here.  Your support gives others the opportunity to learn here and we thank you.
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Our Programs are Designed so that you can take even just one lesson and learn enough to change your life forever.  We give you the techniques and the exercises, it's up to you to then perform.  We are putting the power back into your hands, giving you the responsibility and holding you accountable to yourself for your own results.  There are unfortunately no shortcuts when it comes to weight loss and getting fit, no one can put in that work for you.  We can however show you the way, but your transformation is in the end only up to one person, YOU.  Yes, YOU have the power to change yourself.  YOU have the power to be transformed, to become who you once dreamt of becoming, to have the body you want, to live your life with a new found confidence and sense of purpose.  Contact us TODAY.... Why wait?

Its A New Way Its a New Age


As a full-service Martial Arts Center we partner with our clients to deliver solutions that help solve their most complicated needs and satisfy their learning Desires. Our services are designed specifically to help you achieve your goals, and in record time. Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, Calasanz Physical Art goes beyond the norm to put forth new insights, drive results, and help you develop further than ever before. Learn More

Lessons and Programs
What We Offer

Our goal is to help make your Martial Arts experience as efficient and productive as possible. We will work with you to answer your questions and achieve the goals you have set for yourself.  Whether that be building confidence, strength or flexibility, self awareness, self defense knowledge and ability or developing a fitness edge. Upon completion, you will have gained fresh insight, a new forward looking perspective and a confidence previously unknown to you. Sign up today.

Martial and Fitness Specialists

One of our specialist's will help evaluate your present state,

make recommendations for improvements, and techniques

for you to grow as a person and as a Martial Artist. Find us

in your area or sign up online.