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The principles of kicking and punching in a competitive style are taught to get the student accustomed to facing off with an opponent. American Kickboxing used to be practiced by kicking above the waist and punching to the head. In the last 5 to 10 years, it has evolved into a more complex exchange where low kicks, and knee and elbow strikes are also incorporated. Calasanz requires students to undergo hours of drills and combinations before they progress to free form fighting. American Kickboxing as it is taught at Calasanz should not be confused with fitness or cardio kickboxing, as it has become known in the fitness industry. Techniques are always taught with self-defense applications in mind and a concentration on developing good form.

Tommy, one of Calasanz’s most loyal students has been diligently training in the American boxing system for years. He discovered Calasanz after leaving his health club. He was looking for an exercise regime that would keep him physically fit as well as present him with a challenge.

Calasanz Fight Club

The training regime of the boxer and kickboxer is great way to exercise. It's also a fresh break from the mundane world of stair steppers, rowing machines and stale weight lifting routines. Imagine committing yourself to a one year program that not only transforms your body, but also develops your fighting spirit. If you want to try something exciting, new and different to reach your fitness goals, we welcome you to try Calasanz Fight Club.


The Perfect Fit - Creating the body You want

Calasanz Physical Arts, known for its sophisticated martial arts training, now has five locations in Norwalk, Wilton, Stamford and Ridgefield. The Calasanz System uniquely integrates essential martial arts disciplines within a contemporary physical development program while challenging and nurturing mind, body and spirit and teaching how all martial arts connect.


Wing Chun Personal Training - Available at Calasanz

Many martial arts clubs have a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. Calasanz and his Certified Personal Trainers tailor a program just for you. Whether you’re a seasoned martial artist looking to improve your skills or a beginner looking for a great way to get fit, Calasanz and his team will work with you in creating a program that meets your fitness and martial art goals. In this system a natural athlete can be passed on to more challenging feats while extra attention can be spent on developing the abilities that will help advance those at the dawn of their athletic experience. One-on-One training is the most superior method of enhancing your body and your skills.


About the InterDojo - Calasanz System ONLINE!

The new Calasanz InterDojo enables martial arts and fitness enthusiasts across the globe to share world-class martial artist, Calasanz’s wealth of experience and information … online!

Calasanz began his martial arts training at the age of 13 in the Dominican Republic. In 1979, he came to the United States to launch his martial arts career. For the past 27 years, he has done nothing but teach, study and practice; sometimes for more then 18 hours a day! The result? Calasanz is one of the most well-balanced martial artists in the world. He possesses a vast amount of experience and information which is now being transferred from his mind to multimedia formats for the world to see.

Videos (available for purchase in DVD format from our store), pictures, audio files, literature and PDF files pertaining to martial arts and fitness are currently available with membership in the Calasanz InterDojo.


Calasanz System - Since 1980!

Calasanz has, for twenty seven years, trained young and old, professional athletes and dancers, law enforcement officers and a host of individuals from all walks of life in the Way of the Serene Warrior ... a way that leads to fitness, focus, health, strength and longevity