Kickboxing and The Calasanz System integrated!

The Calasanz method of kickboxing integrates the use of knees, elbows, shins, hands and feet. It is the blocking system devised by Calasanz that has made The Calasanz System very effective in that it utilizes the use of the legs, arms and shins as simultaneous blocks and strikes. Calasanz Kickboxing places strong emphasis on head movement and protecting oneself from injury. Calasanz’s students are known for the destructive power in their shins and their ability to apply the blocking system as an impenetrable fortress against the opponent’s attack.
Rodney, one of Calasanz’s most accomplished fighters, attributes his skill to Calasanz’s blocking system. “I find that I don’t have to absorb as many kicks and punches because the system gives me the tools to deflect attacks without getting hurt.”

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